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The 2020 Women's Leadership Institute kicks-off a three-year rotation with a new 2021 Men's Leadership Institute and the return of the Fall Leadership Conference in 2022.

Daring and Doing: Designing a Legacy of Presence, Empathy, Compassion and Power
November 14th, 2020
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Free event via Zoom.

Program led by Executive coach, Pearl Alexander, JD, CPCC, Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator™ whose coaching and leadership development practice combines her expert knowledge on the “Science of Inclusion,” “Social Intelligence,” and contemplative practices to foster social change, inclusion, and innovation.

The thoughtfully arranged teachings cover the following concepts and skill-building work:

  • what empathy is and the importance of empathy and to transform environments and increase trust and belonging
  • the power of storytelling and deep listening to create connection and psychological safety for others
  • increasing personal resilience by transcending negative thoughts in the face of uncertainty, and sweeping change
  • how shame-prone behaviors affect the way we lead, work, and learn
  • the seduction of being “tough”, “cool”, “perfect”, “busy”, “exhausted”, and “okay”, when being human doesn't seem like enough
  • creating a regular practice to support personal wholeness, mindful presence, and the legacy they intend

Two virtual 90-minute interactive sessions are separated by a personal lunch break that includes audience raffles.

In alignment with the college’s core values, this Higdon Center Student Leadership program welcomes diverse attendees who are committed to supporting and advancing women’s leadership development without regard to gender, gender identity, or gender expression.